YOKOHAMA Academy Nürburgring

Yokohama will be represented at the forthcoming International Autosport show at Birmingham

YOKOHAMA Academy took place at the famous Nürburgring, Germany

Around 50 participants recently attended the 2nd edition of the YOKOHAMA Academy.

Earlier this month, 11th - 12th June, Sales, Technical and Marketing staff from the European YOKOHAMA Subsidiaries network took part in a structured training programme which has as its main objective to train and facilitate technical experiences to staff members. The knowledge obtained together with the opportunity to experience and get a practical feeling on specific YOKOHAMA products and technical aspects, enables the attendants to better assist and advice other colleagues on technical and sales matters as well as providing existing and potential customers with a very high level of service and product awareness.

“It was a very interesting day, especially because the tests allowed me to get to know the new products better and in addition to meet people of the other countries who are selling Yokohama products”, stated one of the participants from Spain.

The intensive Academy, held at the world famous Nurburgring Grand-Prix race track in Germany was well balanced with various stations providing different learning options including theoretical education and technical/practical experiences. Two units of theoretical education, two units for the ADVAN Sport V105, the most used tyre product on Original Equipment Vehicles in Mercedes-Benz SLK cars, two stations for the Standard Fuel-Efficient tyre BluEarth AE-01 on Volkswagen Golf vehicles and one station for the GEOLANDAR SUV for city and cross-over SUV cars, in this event tested on a Volkswagen Tiguan.

The BluEarth AE-01 is the first mass production, standard eco tyre of YOKOHAMA´s BluEarth family which follows last year’s launch of the flagship tyre BluEarth-1. The BluEarth AE-01 was launched earlier this year at the Geneva Auto Salon together with the GEOLANDAR SUV tyre which is aimed at city / cross over SUVs to meet the demand of tyres for the on-road SUV market. The ADVAN Sport V105 is the successor of the ADVAN Sport V103. All these tyres include various features of the YOKOHAMA BluEarth concept which are characterised by its fuel efficiency and includes its innovative Orange Oil nano blend technology, while focussing on three main aspects: environmental, social and human friendliness.

Participants tested the YOKOHAMA tyres in several specially designed areas, which included a wet circle of the Driving Safety Centre to test grip as well as cornering and handling courses at the Grand Prix track, and on a comfort station which provides a range of experiences to establish the comfort levels of the tyre.

“The YOKOHAMA academy is a very important educational tool for us to show the performance of our products and to strengthen the sales activities of our distributors. We received a very positive feedback from all participants and achieved a high level of knowledge transfer”, said Farid Al-Samarrai, Marketing Communications and Motorsports Manager from YOKOHAMA Europe GmbH.

The YOKOHAMA Academy was established in 2011 and will be continued in successive years.