YOKOHAMA to Exhibit at Auto China 2012

Tokyo - The YOKOHAMA Rubber Co., Ltd., will participate in Auto China 2012, which will run from Monday, 23rd April through Wednesday, 2nd May (23rd & 24th April will be press days), in Beijing. Emphasizing its new slogan used in China – “Drive Transformation” – as well as its reputation as an environmentally conscious and responsible company, YOKOHAMA is endeavouring to improve recognition of the various YOKOHAMA brands.

Under its concept of “Drive Transformation,” YOKOHAMA sees “change” in the environment and lifestyles as a result of rapid economic growth in China as “evolution.” Highlighting the Chinese national athletic team that will participate in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London and that is supported by YOKOHAMA Tyre Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., YOKOHAMA will connect the team’s spirit of “challenge & evolution” to the image of YOKOHAMA tyres.

Environmentally, YOKOHAMA will show for the first time in China its fuel-efficient passenger-car tyre BluEarth AE-01, which will be released in China in July, and its GEOLANDAR SUV tyres with improved fuel efficiency. YOKOHAMA developed the BluEarth AE-01 primarily for compact cars, demand for which is increasing, and because it sought to make a greater contribution to global environmental preservation by facilitating use by more people of fuel-efficient tyres. The GEOLANDAR SUV is a next-generation SUV tyre developed for urban crossover vehicles, especially suitable for on-road driving, and medium- and small-size SUVs. Along with high fuel efficiency, they feature enhanced comfort and safety while maintaining the traditional usability of SUV tyres on various road surfaces.

In order to convey the high level of performance of the global flagship brand ADVAN, ADVAN racing tyres used in the China Touring Car Championship, for which YOKOHAMA supplies control tyres, will be exhibited together with a tuned-up demonstration car in ADVAN colours. Tyres for trucks and buses, in great demand, will also be shown – four main products. There will be various events to draw the attention and participation of visitors, such as quiz programs, stamp rallies, and dance shows. An air of excitement is guaranteed at the YOKOHAMA booth.

Internationally prestigious auto shows are held in China every year, alternately in Beijing and Shanghai. At Auto China 2010 in Beijing, some 2,100 auto-related manufacturers from 16 countries and regions exhibited their products, and a record 785,600 people visited.