Yokohama Rubber Subsidiary Supported Truck Expedition

Yokohama announced today that the ATG (Alliance Tire Group), a group company involved in the production and sales of off-highway tyres, supplied its Alliance 392 HD all-steel radial tyres in support of a truck expedition to the highest point on Earth ever reached by a motor vehicle.

The expedition was carried out in collaboration with ATG’s German distributer, Bohnenkamp, as part of a project that installing shelters and an emergency wireless radio system and achieving record high altitude on Ojos del Salado, the world’s highest active volcano located in the Andes Mountains on the Argentina–Chile border. The project team completed the installation at 6,400 meters above sea level and further reached an altitude of 6,694 meters above sea level, the highest point ever reached by a motor vehicle. The project’s success was facilitated by ATG’s Alliance 392 HD tyres, which delivered outstanding performance over severe surface conditions that included jagged lava rocks, volcanic sand, and steep slopes, as well as a wide temperature range of -30°C to +35°C.

The Alliance 392 HD tyre is an all-steel radial tyre with a high load-carrying capacity and a high floatation structure that enables the truck to float over sand and loose soil by suppressing soil compaction, thereby protecting the soil. The tyre also delivers outstanding handling stability, durability, and wear resistance across a wide range of vehicle speeds and in severe climates and terrains, such as those encountered at the high altitudes reached by the recent expedition.

Yokohama Rubber’s current medium-term management plan, the Grand Design 2020 (GD2020) includes a commercial tyre strategy that targets “Positioning commercial tyres as a pillar of growth in our second century and off-highway tyres as a growth driver.” Accordingly, the Company is endeavoring to expand sales of off-highway tyres including ATG tyres for agricultural, forestry, and construction machinery, as well as Group company Aichi Tire Industry’s tyres for industrial machinery, and YOKOHAMA tyres for trucks, buses and construction machinery.