Street-legal, Track-ready

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  • Semi-Slick with racing performance


  • High sport performance on a dry track
  • Superior handling performance which is easy to control
  • Powerful cornering capability
  • The handling performance is easy to control
  • Preventing time-drop
  • Impressive grip on wet and dry surfaces
  • The street-legal tyre complies with European standard for rolling resistance


  • Asymmetric tread pattern
  • High-rigidity tread pattern
  • Straight Thin Groove
  • Two Straight Grooves on the inner side
  • YOKOHAMA´s Sport Compound. Specially Developed for A052

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Fuel Efficiency D
Wet Grip A - C
External Noise Class B
External Noise Value (dB) 69 - 73

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High-rigidity Tread Rib


To increase the contact area on the outside, the 2 main grooves are moved to the inside. Delivering powerful cornering capability.

Straight Thin Groove


A straight thin groove is located on the outside of the tyre which is subject to higher pressure when cornering. Efficiently improves heat dissipation, preventing time-drop.

Two Straight Grooves


2 main straight grooves are located on the inside. Enhancing straight-line stability.

Adapted Mound-Profile


The adapted mound-profile controls the contact pressure of each block. ADVAN A052 is adapting the “Mound-Profile” as the ADVAN Sport V105.
Balancing wet performance with stability at high speed.

Important care and usage instructions for ADVAN A052:

The tyres were developed using high performance compounds which become brittle at low temperatures, and therefore should not be used in certain conditions. The tyres thus must be stored or used only at temperatures at or above 14°F (minus 10°C) to maintain performance characteristics and avoid any damage to the tyres or injury to persons or property.

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Fuel Efficiency D
Wet Grip A - C
External Noise Class B
External Noise Value (dB) 69 - 73

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InchSeriesSizeArt.NoteOE InfoEAN/JANfuel iconwet iconnoise iconsnow iconice iconEU LABEL GRADE
1360 205/60R13 86V R67164548515008198 D C 69dB/B Link
1360 185/60R13 80V R60874968814997960 D B 69dB/B Link
1455 185/55R14 80V R44774968814959371 D B 69dB/B Link
1460 185/60R14 86V R6717XL4548515008204 D B 69dB/B Link
1550 225/50R15 95V R4493XL4968814961992 D B 71dB/B Link
1550 205/50R15 89V R4494XL4968814962005 D B 71dB/B Link
1550 195/50R15 86V R4495XL4968814962012 D B 71dB/B Link
1555 195/55R15 89V R4496XL4968814962029 D B 71dB/B Link
1645 245/45R16 94W R44904968814961961 D B 71dB/B Link
1645 225/45R16 93W R0967XL4968814900878 D A 71dB/B Link
1645 195/45R16 84W R4491XL4968814961978 D B 71dB/B Link
1650 225/50R16 96W R0968XL4968814900885 D A 71dB/B Link
1650 205/50R16 91W R0969XL4968814900892 D A 71dB/B Link
1650 195/50R16 88W R4492 Rf / XL front 4968814961985 D B 71dB/B Link
1655 205/55R16 94W R0970XL4968814900915 D A 71dB/B Link
1740 255/40R17 98Y R0963XL4968814900830 D A 73dB/B Link
1740 245/40R17 95W R4487XL4968814961930 D B 71dB/B Link
1740 215/40R17 87W R4488XL4968814961947 D B 71dB/B Link
1740 205/40R17 84W R4489XL4968814961954 D B 71dB/B Link
1745 235/45R17 97W R0964XL4968814900847 D A 71dB/B Link
1745 225/45R17 94W R0965 Rf / XL rear 4968814900854 D A 71dB/B Link
1745 215/45R17 91W R0966XL4968814900861 D A 71dB/B Link
1745 205/45R17 88W R2095XL4968814920067 D A 71dB/B Link
1830 315/30R18 98Y R09534968814900731 D A 73dB/B Link
1830 295/30R18 98Y R0954XL4968814900748 D A 73dB/B Link
1835 295/35R18 103Y R0955XL4968814900755 D A 73dB/B Link
1835 265/35R18 97Y R0956XL4968814900762 D A 73dB/B Link
1835 255/35R18 94Y R0957XL4968814900779 D A 73dB/B Link
1835 225/35R18 87Y R4483XL4968814961893 D B 71dB/B Link
1840 275/40R18 103Y R4484XL4968814961909 D B 73dB/B Link
1840 265/40R18 101Y R0958XL4968814900786 D A 73dB/B Link
1840 255/40R18 99Y R0959XL4968814900793 D A 73dB/B Link
1840 245/40R18 97Y R0960XL4968814900809 D A 71dB/B Link
1840 235/40R18 95Y R0961XL4968814900816 D A 71dB/B Link
1840 225/40R18 92Y R0962XL4968814900823 D A 71dB/B Link
1845 265/45R18 104Y R4485XL4968814961916 D B 73dB/B Link
1845 235/45R18 98Y R4486XL4968814961923 D B 71dB/B Link
1935 295/35R19 104Y R7034XL4548515019552 D B 73dB/B Link
1935 275/35ZR19 (100Y) R5928XL4968814995294 D B 73dB/B Link
1935 255/35ZR19 (96Y) R5927XL4968814995287 D B 73dB/B Link
1935 245/35ZR19 (93Y) R4965XL4968814971915 D B 71dB/B Link
1940 265/40ZR19 (102Y) R5931XL4968814995324 D B 73dB/B Link
1940 235/40ZR19 (96Y) R5929XL4968814995300 D B 71dB/B Link
2030 295/30R20 101Y R7033XL4548515019545 D B 73dB/B Link
2030 245/30ZR20 (90Y) R5924XL4968814995256 D B 71dB/B Link
2035 285/35ZR20 (104Y) R4498XL4968814962043 D B 73dB/B Link
2035 245/35ZR20 (95Y) R5925XL4968814995263 D B 71dB/B Link
2040 255/40ZR20 (101Y) R4497XL4968814962036 D B 73dB/B Link