YOKOHAMA Media Test Drive with the global flagship tyre

YOKOHAMA will start the Phase II expansion for YOKOHAMA Tyre Philippines Inc. (YTPI).

The Yokohama Rubber company is currently offering a group of international media the opportunity to test drive its new ADVAN Sport V105 tyre which will be launched in February.

The test drive event is being held at the Ascari Race Resort in Ronda, Malaga, Spain and includes a number of practical and theoretical sessions that enable the participants to actually \'feel\' and learn about the significant improved features of the ADVAN Sport V105 and its comfort and safety features combined with its overall high performance. The event is also counting with the special participation of former F1 driver Ukyo Katayama as well a number of YOKOHAMA representatives from around the world.

The ADVAN Sport V105 tyre, a successor model after eight years to the successful ADVAN Sport (V103) for high-powered, premium cars – part of its global flagship “ADVAN” series - will be available in 36 sizes from 205/55R16 91V MO to 255/30ZR20 (92Y), including ten sizes already fitted as original equipment. YOKOHAMA will gradually expand the range of available sizes.

Based on the ADVAN Sport (V103) factory-equipped on many performance cars, including those from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche and Bentley, the “ADVAN Sport V105” is an evolution meeting demand in the high-powered, premium segment for “higher speed, higher comfort.” YOKOHAMA positioned its research and development base at the Nürburgring in Germany, known as a gruelling test track, and developed the new model jointly with an automaker in Europe. Thus polished under strict development conditions, the “ADVAN Sport V105” delivers driving performance superior to that of the “ADVAN Sport (V103).” Together with its comfort and safety, it realizes a high degree of overall performance balance. The “ADVAN Sport V105” has already been fitted as original equipment on a number of premium cars sold by its joint developer, the automaker.

Overall features, including structure, tread pattern and compound, have been enhanced from ADVAN Sport (V103). To improve steering stability, a new “Matrix Body Ply Structure*” was developed employing technology fostered through participation in world motorsports, and materials and structures were precisely tuned. Weight was reduced while rigidity was maintained, producing more agile handling and more comfortable ride. Synergistic effects among the special asymmetrical, non-directional tread pattern – inside for enhanced performance on wet surfaces, outside for dry – a new compound created to provide exceptional grip, and a new “Mound Profile” precisely controlling block ground contact pressure, yield even stronger dry and wet grip. Asymmetrical pitch variations applied to the inside and outside of the tread pattern help make quiet ride. (* Excludes certain sizes)