BluEarth is a global concept which YOKOHAMA is communicating throughout the world. At its centre is the BluEarth Series, which has been rolled out globally with the concept itself as the product name. The same fuel efficient technology is fed back to tyres of all categories. Products developed under this unified concept display the BluEarth Concept logo all over the world.

The Blue Earth at heart

The earth is blue, and we want to keep our earth as blue as possible into the future. This can be achieved by our environmental actions, one stage at a time.

YOKOHAMA is pleased to announce BluEarth as its global concept tyre, designed to deliver environmental, human and socially friendly solutions for you and your car.

What is BluEarth?

The product engineering philosophy for Environmental, Human and Socially Friendly tyres.
Tyres deliver driving pleasure as well as less environmental impact.
YOKOHAMA has launched the BluEarth brand in order to pursue environmental, human and socially friendly performances from its tyres.

What’s the theme?

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Human Friendly
  • Socially Friendly

YOKOHAMA´s environmental activities

BluEarth Strategy on YOKOHAMA Products

The BluEarth concept expands to many products. BluEarth expands to many existing YOKOHAMA tyre brand names as well as become an icon for future tyre brands which have the BluEarth concept, from replacement after market tyres to original equipment tyres for new vehicles.

BluEarth Technology drive our future.

Advanced Technologies to deliver Environmental, Human and Socially friendly solutions. We have set up our BluEarth technologies to be environmental, Human and Socially friendly. We will continue to develop more BluEarth technologies to include in our future tyres.

Launched in Europe in March 2011 the BluEarth products have earned the top designation under Japanese tyre manufacturers’ labeling standards for rolling resistance. In addition to reducing environmental impact through advances in fuel economy, BluEarth tyres reduces stress and enhances the driving experience for drivers and for passengers.

The BluEarth range minimizes the traditional tradeoffs between low rolling resistance, on one hand, and wet grip and long mileage on the other. It surpasses in that regard even the DNA dB super E-spec, our former flagship product in environmental performance. The BluEarth-1 is superior to the DNA dB super E-spec in reducing external, “pass-by” noise, and it is fully comparable to its predecessor in handling stability and quiet ride.

Our BluEarth series includes the BluEarth RV-02, for minivans, and the BluEarth ES32, available in sizes for a broad range of model types, as well as the flagship BluEarth- EF21. We will continue to augment the BluEarth series with new products to serve the global trend toward fuel-saving tyres. That will include offering the BluEarth tyres in a growing range of markets around the world.

BluEarth EF21 Characteristics:

YOKOHAMA has been pursuing environmental performance for more than 10 years, and now the new BluEarth EF21 has an amazing fuel saving performance with advanced technologies.


Nano BLEND compound
Advanced Inner Liner
Light Weight Design
AERO Dynamics
Environmental Design