YOKOHAMA confirms Prize Money for WTCC Trophy

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The prize money of 480,000 Euros reserved for the competitors of the YOKOHAMA Trophy has been confirmed for the new FIA WTCC season once again starting in March in Monza.

However, following a meeting between team representatives and the championship promoter, the prize money will be awarded on a race-by-race basis, rather than event-by-event like in the previous years.

Yokohama – celebrating its eighth year as WTCC’s sole tyre supplier – will award 20,000 Euros at each of the twenty-four races, which represents 480,000 Euros over the season.

This prize money will be split among the top six drivers classified, according to the following scale:

•           to the first driver: 6,000 Euros

•           to the second driver: 5,000 Euros

•           to the third driver: 4,000 Euros

•           to the fourth driver: 2,500 Euros

•           to the fifth driver: 1,500 Euros

•           to the sixth driver: 1,000 Euros


The point system remains unchanged, with 10 points awarded to the winner and 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 to the drivers classified between the second and eighth positions. Double points will be awarded in the two final races at Macau.

One additional point is awarded to the category’s best driver in the qualifying and for setting the category’s fastest lap in the races.