YOKOHAMA launches FLAME GUARD SWR‐70, a flame-retardant and super-wear-resistant conveyor belt

YOKOHAMA announced today that it has launched a new conveyor belt in its highly regarded FLAME GUARD series of flame-retardant conveyor belts. The new addition, the FLAME GUARD SWR-70, is a super-wear-resistant addition to the flame-retardant series.

FLAME GUARD SWR-70 was developed for use on sintered ore and coke transport lines at steel mills and coal transport lines at coal-fired power plants. In addition to being flame retardant (self-extinguishing), a quality for which demand has increased in recent years as line operators seek to enhance safety, FLAME GUARD SWR-70’s super wear resistance lengthens the belt replacement cycle, reducing running costs and contributing to stable line operation.

The FLAME GUARD series’ self-extinguishing capability has been achieved by use of a special rubber compound developed by YOKOHAMA. The series includes a wide lineup of conveyor belts with various quality combinations, starting with the basic flame-retardant belt and including flame-retardant & super-wear-resistant belts, flame-retardant & heavy-oil resistant belts, flame-retardant & medium-temperature heat resistant belts, and flame-retardant & high-temperature heat resistant belts. In addition to using technologies cultivated during YOKOHAMA’s development of its Tuftex α conveyor belt with the world's top level of abrasion resistance, FLAME GUARD SWR‐70 features a newly developed rubber compound that enhances abrasion resistance of conventional flame-retardant & super-wear-resistant conveyor belts (FLAME GURAD SWR) by 30%.

YOKOHAMA is currently implementing its Yokohama Transformation 2023 (YX2023) medium-term management plan for fiscal years 2021–2023. The plan calls for the MB Segment to concentrate its resources in its two strongest business domains - hose & couplings and industrial products - as it aims to become a growth driver capable of generating stable profits. The MB segment’s industrial materials business aims to establish a dominant presence in the conveyor belt market, where it has had considerable success in the past.

Comparison of the abrasion resistance of the FLAME GUARD series

Comparison of the abrasion resistance of the FLAME GUARD series

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