BluEarth-A AE-50

Enhanced wet grip with environmental performance

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  • Luxury cars
  • Mid tourers
  • Premium compact cars


  • Extreme wet grip with environmental performance
  • Fuel Saving with dynamic performance
  • Premium performance with sure handling, luxury comfort


  • nano BLEND compound
  • Double Silica
  • Fuel Saving Under Tread
  • Aero Dimple Shoulder
  • High Pitch Noise Control Design
  • Light weight design

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Fuel Efficiency C - D
Wet Grip A - C
External Noise Class A - B
External Noise Value (dB) 67 - 71

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BluEarth-A AE-50

Lightning grooves provide a sense of reassurance on rainy days


Employs big and small lightning type grooves. YOKOHAMA has expanded the groove volume while increasing block rigidity to enable safe and secure driving on rainy days.


Quietness for a more comfortable ride


Innovative "noise-controlled pitch" ensure a consistently quiet ride.

While continuing to ensure that noise is dispersed by varying the pitch, BluEarth-A tyres suppress the incidence of uneven wear and maintain quietness as the tyres wear by making the pitch variation smaller. New BluEarth-A tyres also boast an enhanced level of quietness by increasing the number of pitches to 84.


BluEarth-A AE-50 compound


BluEarth-A AE-50 special compound elicits exceptional maneuverability.

YOKOHAMA employs technologies and manufacturing methods in order to realize the best balance of fuel efficiency, wet grip and wear resistance.

The use of double silica improve grip performance in the wet.


Nano Blend


Blend Compound


AERO dynamic technology reduces air resistance


A dimpled design on the shoulder reduces tyre air resistance. This contributes to greater fuel-efficient performance.


Asymmetric tread pattern


The inner side of the tyre includes sipes on the shoulder to suppress uneven wear.

The outer side of the tyre incorporates wide non-penetrating grooves on the shoulder block to realize enhanced stability when cornering.


  • Car image
Fuel Efficiency C - D
Wet Grip A - C
External Noise Class A - B
External Noise Value (dB) 67 - 71

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BluEarth-A AE-50

InchSeriesSizeArt.NoteOE InfoEAN/JANfuel iconwet iconnoise iconsnow iconice iconEU LABEL GRADE
1470 165/70R14 81H R39274968814949754 C B 68dB/B Link
1560 205/60R15 91V F80734968814855857 C B 71dB/B Link
1650 165/50R16 75V R37854968814948276 C B 68dB/B Link
1650 185/50R16 81H F94304968814877026 D C 68dB/B Link
1650 225/50R16 92W R39344968814949822 C A 71dB/B Link
1655 185/55R16 87H R5798 Rf / XL RHD 4968814990572 C C 68dB/A Link
1655 185/55R16 87H R6078 Rf / XL LHD 4968814997793 C C 68dB/A Link
1655 205/55R16 91V R51764968814978648 C C 71dB/B Link
1655 215/55R16 97H F8080XL4968814855925 C A 71dB/B Link
1660 185/60R16 86H R51754968814978631 C C 68dB/B Link
1740 205/40R17 80H F93794968814875701 D C 67dB/A Link
1740 215/40R17 87W R3932XL4968814949808 C A 71dB/B Link
1745 185/45R17 78H F94554968814877279 D C 68dB/B Link
1750 235/50R17 96W R39354968814949839 C A 71dB/B Link
1760 215/60R17 96H F71814968814840594 C A 71dB/B Link
1850 215/50R18 92V R20884968814919948 C A 71dB/B Link
1855 235/55R18 104W R3943XL4968814949914 C A 71dB/B Link