The YOKOHAMA Rubber Co. Ltd., is a leading manufacturer in the global tyre industry. In addition, the company applies original strengths in rubber polymer technology in successful lines of diversified business, including hoses, sealants and adhesives, other industrial products, aircraft products, and golf products. A commitment to anticipating and satisfying customer needs has steered YOKOHAMA since the company was established in 1917.

Global demand for tyres has grown steadily in recent years, and YOKOHAMA has added and expanded tyre plants in Asian nations besides Japan to serve that growth. The company has also increased its Asian production capacity outside Japan for hoses, sealants, and conveyer belts in support of its global expansion.

Mainstay Products

Tyre Group: Tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, motorsport vehicles, trucks, buses and trailer, light trucks, mining, construction equipment, industrial vehicles and other applications, agricultural, construction and forestry machinery, aluminum alloy wheels and automobile-related components
MB Group: Conveyor belts, rubber plates, various hoses, rubber linings, rubber hoses, Rubber Molded Products, construction machinery, machine tools and metal joints, air springs, crawler belts, highway joints, rubber support, anti-seismic laminated rubber sheets for buildings, bridges, highway joints, water-repellent materials, water-proof materials, sound- and vibration-proof materials, marine hoses and pnematic fenders, adhesives, sealants, golf-related products, fuel tanks for aircraft as well as aircraft seals, acoustic materials, prepregs, bathroom units, drinking water tanks, various honeycomb products, metal tanks, oil tanks, thermal insulation materials, bulbs, couplings, sealing compounds, coatings, V-band couplings and flex couplings