YOKOHAMA Partnerships Around the World

As a global company YOKOHAMA is supporting the efforts of numerous organisations, teams and individuals within a wide range of activities. These include sports such as Football, Ice Hockey, Golf and Motorsport among other international and national partnerships and collaborations.

By teaming up with these, YOKOHAMA offers its high performance and expertise to ensure continuous improvement and success to them.  By sharing this culture of high quality and innovation developed over the years, this effort to reach out to more, helps normal road users make better and more informed choices when selecting their premium tyres. 

YOKOHAMA, is truly a household name in Japan, its country of origin, for over 100 years and through these partnerships YOKOHAMA also intends to become a well-known brand in every corner of the world.

With Motorsport as an integral part of its DNA, YOKOHAMA has a vast experience in helping to create Champions on the most impressive professional racing tracks and providing the benefits of its innovation and advanced technology to every car user, who require not only high performance, but also safety, comfort, fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly products.

Well known partnerships include:

  • ATP Tour
  • Spartan Race
  • Super GT
  • Super Formula
  • Japan Rally
  • Nürburgring GmbH
  • Endurance racing teams, such as Walkenhorst Motorsport (A leading German endurance racing team)
  • Tuning Companies such as NAP Exclusive