Since 2009 Yokohama Europe GmbH has had an Industrial Products Division in Duesseldorf, Germany. The Industrial Products Division sells marine hoses, ship-to-ship/STS hoses and fenders for the marine industry and is responsible for the markets of North America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and Middle East. The production sites are the Hiratsuka factory in Japan and the Batam factory in Indonesia.

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In 1960 YOKOHAMA introduced the Seaflex Marine Hose to the industry and since then YOKOHAMA is well known for supplying marine hoses of the highest quality for offshore crude oil loading and discharging to the world’s leading oil companies. YOKOHAMA’s Seaflex Marine Hose series fully conforms to GMPHOM 2009 (Guide to Manufacturing and Purchasing Hoses for Offshore Moorings) and we can offer tailormade solutions for customers specific requirements. YOKOHAMA’s marine hoses can be supplied for Single Point Moorings, Conventional and Multi Buoy moorings as well as for FPSO Tandem Offloading.

As an experienced marine hose manufacturer YOKOHAMA also offers Seaflex STS hoses. The heavy-duty design and helix wire free construction provides high kinking tolerance and has made the YOKOHAMA’s STS hoses the most popular hose brand for offshore ship-to-ship transfer operations. YOKOHAMA's Seaflex STS Hoses are fully in compliance with EN 1765:2016 standard and even exceed it (Rubber hose assemblies for oil suction and discharge services - Specification for the assemblies).

YOKOHAMA developed the floating pneumatic rubber fender in 1958 using the knowhow matured as a global leader in rubber production. Since then, YOKOHAMA fenders have set the benchmark for quality, and are regarded globally has having the highest quality worldwide and being the most reliable and trusted fender brand. Our fenders are used for various applications including ship-to-ship operations, ports, terminals and also in the LNG industry. YOKOHAMA fenders are designed to withstand the extreme environmental conditions and have proven its quality and performance for decades in accordance with the standard ISO17357-1:2014 (Ships and marine technology - Floating pneumatic rubber fenders - Part 1: High pressure).