Win for Michelisz

WTCC Home win for Michelisz at Hungaroring

Norbert (Norbe) Michelisz, the young Hungarian WTCC driver, came away with a historical win on home territory at the weekend’s WTCC Hungaroring event. 

Michelisz who had showed good form a week earlier during the Slovakia races achieving a historical pole position and claiming valuable points in the YOKOHAMA trophy, signalled his intentions of what was to come a week later.

Michelisz’s Zengo team had been working hard to ensure the BMW was in top condition and in order to provide “Norbe” with a competitive car to give him a real chance of a podium.  

Though Norbe did more than expected.  Starting from fifth position in the grid on race 2, he flew past everyone in what was probably one of the most swift and classy starts we have seen at WTCC this season.

From start to finish Michelisz, spurred on by thousands of compatriots and fans who flooded the stands at Hungaroring,felt the encouragement every time he passed the home straight and virtually every corner of the circuit.  Over 50,000 spectators, waving flags, chanting and wishing for a local win, which had resisted “Norbe” until Hungaroring.

At the end of the race, Michelisz explained he had no words to explain what he felt and that it was the best day of his life, when he also learnt it was the first win of a Hungarian driver in Hungary at an FIA Championship.

Earlier on, the Zengo Team and drivers had been signing autographs at the YOKOHAMA hospitality and had received the well wishes of the Swiss, Austrian and Hungarian guests enjoying the event on site.

For his part, Yvan Muller obtained his 5th win of the season ably beating his Chevrolet team mates, Menu and Huff, to continue his lead at the top of the WTCC table.

In addition to the main event of the day, Hungaroring also witnessed YOKOHAMA tyres being used in two support races, the Lada Granta Cup and the Lotus Ladies Cup, which also proved very popular among the packed circuit.