YOKOHAMA Classic Car Tyre for PORSCHE

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  • This historic tyre was equipped on new model Porsche cars
  • Development began on the YOKOHAMA A008 (ADVAN HF Type-D) when it was recognised by the Porsche Owners Club
  • Original equipment on at least 10 different sports car models at the time, including the 911
  • High Speed and high-speed handling stability
  • Enhanced grip


  • Jointless nylon full cover
  • Steel belt and steel reinforcement
  • Dual layer tread compound
  • Asymmetric pattern design

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  • Original Equipment image
Fuel Efficiency D
Wet Grip B
External Noise Class B
External Noise Value (dB) 70

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In 1988, a new page was written into Yokohama’s history.

This was the year that signalled the birth of the A008P, a high-performance tyre designed exclusively for Porsche. The A008P was equipped within Porsche sports cars, including the legendary 911.
Fast-forward to the present. YOKOHAMA is now focusing on supporting classic car enthusiasts with a range of classic car tyres.
This marks the return of the YOKOHAMA A008P.

Tyre construction in pursuit of outstanding overall performance


The high performance of Porsche cars demanded several crucial elements from its tyres: stable high-speed driving performance, durability at high speed and high-speed handling stability. At the same time, standards for safety and comfort also needed to be met. The structure of the A008P was designed to realise all of these features.
The jointless nylon cover
The tyre uses two full jointless nylon covers around the two steel belts, succeeding in uniform tread rigidity.
Steel belt
The tyre uses material for the belt that has a fine wire diameter and supple rigidity. This delivers safety when driving at high speeds.
Steel reinforcement (Adopted on 16-inch sizes)
In order to prevent tyre warping when cornering, steel reinforcement is used on the outside of the filler to strengthen the bead section. Covering the full length of the filler section enhances sidewall strength. The use of high-density material for the filler helps accommodate the conflicting functions of power performance and comfort.

The compound increases the grip at very high speeds


Handling stability in the dry and the wet is greatly affected by the tread compound. To simply enhance grip performance only on traction, is achieved by using a soft compound. However, this will compromise safety and economy when cruising at high speeds. More important is the ability to achieve the right balance which is what the YOKOHAMA A008P has accomplished.
Dual layer tread compound
The A008P has a dual layer for the tread compound. The exterior cap tread compound provides strong grip performance while clearing issues concerning heat and wear. In addition, the internal under tread compound has exceptional heat-resistance, resolving the issue of stored heat at very high speeds. At the same time, this contributes to straight-line stability and sharp response at high speeds conditions.
Balanced sidewall rigidity
The sidewall is critical for achieving accurate handling performance, a smooth drive and tight cornering capability. The A008P has both high rigidity and flexibility in an appropriate balance.

Asymmetric tread pattern


The tyre has a unique asymmetrical tread pattern which derives from YOKOHAMA’s motorsport experience.
Semi-slick pattern with dimples
The A008P has a semi-slick pattern for the outside of the tyre, which bears excessive load when cornering. This transmits the power of the car effectively to the road surface and gives a solid feeling for sports driving. In addition, the line of dimples enhances rigidity balance while preventing uneven heat storage when cornering at high speed conditions.
Four wide straight grooves
Wide straight grooves provide improved water drainage and enable a sharp response and outstanding stability in wet conditions.
Semi-helical grooves
The main role of the semi-helical grooves carved into the entire tread is to drain water when cornering. Draining water from the left side when turning right and from the right side when turning left helps maintain road-holding capability. The semi-helical pattern provides grip by ensuring ideal water drainage in a quick and efficient manner when cornering.
Wide straight ribs
Employing straight ribs without lug grooves that tend toward the outside of the tyre primarily enhances driving on straights and traction in dry conditions.

Asymmetric design used in more than just tread pattern


To draw out more advanced and unique performance from the A008P, YOKOHAMA designed the asymmetrical profile as was done with the tread pattern. By altering the profile of the inside and outside of the tyre, YOKOHAMA made further improvements on the outstanding cornering capabilities of Porsche sports cars.
Square shoulders on the outside
YOKOHAMA gave the shoulders on the outside of the tyre a slightly square shape to further enhance the rigidity that had been improved via the semi-slick pattern. Additionally, the radius of the shoulders was made slightly larger than that for the shoulders on the inner side of the tyre. This helps prevent warping and rolling when road contact pressure shifts to the outer side of the tyre when cornering.
Round shoulders on the inside
Whereas square shoulders on the outside of the tyre are designed to enhance rigidity when cornering, the shoulders on the inside of the tyre were given a smaller radius. This lessens the impact from the road surface and improves road holding. At the same time, giving the inside of the tyres a round shape enables a sharper, steering feel.
Different design for front and rear tyre
The tyre has a different profile for the front and rear. This helps draw out all the abilities of the Porsche sports cars equipped with the different dimension sized tyres on the front and rear axle.

  • Car image
  • Original Equipment image
Fuel Efficiency D
Wet Grip B
External Noise Class B
External Noise Value (dB) 70

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InchSeriesSizeArt.NoteOE InfoEAN/JANfuel iconwet iconnoise iconsnow iconice iconEU LABEL GRADE
1645 245/45ZR16 94W R3509 rear 4968814940430 D B 70dB/B Link
1650 225/50ZR16 92W R52474968814980719 D B 70dB/B Link
1655 205/55ZR16 91W R3508 front 4968814940423 D B 70dB/B Link