ADVAN Sport EV V108

High performance summer tyre exclusive for EV

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  • Electric Sedan and SUV


  • Focus on electrical range / consumption
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Enjoy your drive with a tyre, that was designed with a focus on quietness


  • Silent foam, aiming to reduce road noise dramatically
  • Proven V107 Pattern Design to assist safe drive
  • A special tread compound which was originally developed for premium OE, contributes to extended cruise range

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Fuel Efficiency B - C
Wet Grip A - B
External Noise Class A - B
External Noise Value (dB) 67 - 71

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ADVAN Sport EV V108

V107 proven and reliable Pattern Design


1. Wet Grip: Wider 3+1 Main Grooves contribute to water drainage performance


2. Dry Grip: High-rigidity Wide Shoulder for powerful grip in dry conditions


3. Silence


Exclusively designed polyurethane foam


Exclusively designed polyurethane foam reduces cavity noise* which comes from uneven road surfaces and bumps. This gives a comfortable in-vehicle experience and suppresses noise outside the vehicle.


*The noise, which is transmitted from the rims to the interior of the car.




ADVAN EV Compound


1. Silane coupling agent


2. Ultra Micro Silica


3. Polymers Electricity consumption: Consumtion performance is achieved by uniformly blending Silica with a Silica dispersant. Wet performance: The polymer blend and silica content focus on rolling resistance and wet performance.


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Fuel Efficiency B - C
Wet Grip A - B
External Noise Class A - B
External Noise Value (dB) 67 - 71

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ADVAN Sport EV V108

InchSeriesSizeArt.NoteOE InfoEAN/JANfuel iconwet iconnoise iconsnow iconice iconEU LABEL GRADE
1845 235/45ZR18 98Y R8836 Rf / XL 4548515300360 B A 70dB/B Link
1940 235/40R19 96W R8846 Rf , V108A 4548515300469 C A 71dB/B Link
1940 285/40R19 107Y R8851 Rf / XL 4548515300513 TBA TBA TBAdB/TBA TBA
1945 255/45R19 104Y R8848 Rf 4548515300483 B A 71dB/B Link
1945 255/45R19 104W R8850 Rf 4548515300506 B A 71dB/B Link
1955 225/55ZR19 103Y R8833 Rf / XL 4548515300339 TBA TBA TBAdB/TBA not applicable
2035 245/35ZR20 95Y R8842 Rf / XL , V108A 4548515300421 C A 71dB/B Link
2035 295/35ZR20 105Y R8855 Rf / XL , V108A 4548515300551 B A 71dB/A Link
2040 255/40ZR20 101Y R8844 Rf / XL , V108A 4548515300445 B A 71dB/B Link
2040 255/40R20 101W R8853 Rf , V108A 4548515300537 B A 71dB/B Link
2045 245/45R20 103Y R8852 Rf / XL , V108A 4548515300520 B B 71dB/B Link
2045 255/45R20 105Y R8834 Rf , V108E 4548515300346 B A 67dB/A Link
2045 275/45R20 110Y R8838 Rf / XL 4548515300384 B A 71dB/B Link
2135 255/35ZR21 98W R8840 Rf / XL , V108F 4548515300407 TBA TBA TBAdB/TBA TBA
2135 275/35ZR21 103W R8841 Rf / XL , V108D 4548515300414 B A 71dB/B Link
2235 265/35R22 102Y R8854 Rf / XL 4548515300544 B A 71dB/B Link

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