Aggressive Design Meets Responsible Control

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  • Luxurious Tuned SUVs


  • Super stylish and distinctive look with super inch-up sizes over 26 inch
  • Comfortability for super inch-up
  • Excellent wet and dry grip
  • Anti uneven wear and durability


  • Circumferential centre groove, Solid centre curved ribs
  • Dimple Design
  • Variable pitch pattern design
  • Rim Protection side wall
  • YOKOHAMA’s PARADA Spec-X is specifically designed for modern vehicles. Drivers can now have the aggressive tread pattern they crave, without sacrificing the performance capabilities they have come to expect from YOKOHAMA.

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Fuel Efficiency D - E
Wet Grip B - C
External Noise Class B
External Noise Value (dB) 69 - 76

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Tyre Explanation



Relieve heat buildup for more even wear.

Variable Pitch Technology

Variable Pitch Technology
Creates a more comfortable ride by reducing pattern noise and
minimizing uneven wear.

Rim Protector Sidewall

Protects premium wheels against damage.

Aggressive Directional Design

Unique tread design and sidewall treatment add a distinctive, stylish look.
The directional tread pattern increases acceleration and braking capabilities as well as resistance to hydroplaning.

Perpetual Contact Patch

The solid centre curved ribs provide excellent grip in dry weather, maintain lateral stability in wet conditions and promote a smooth, quiet ride.

Reinforced Shoulder Blocks

Provide stability during cornering and more even wear.

Circumferential Centre Groove

Deep, wide centre groove provides outstanding water evacuation.

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Fuel Efficiency D - E
Wet Grip B - C
External Noise Class B
External Noise Value (dB) 69 - 76

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InchSeriesSizeArt.NoteOE InfoEAN/JANfuel iconwet iconnoise iconsnow iconice iconEU LABEL GRADE
2040 255/40R20 101V F0389 Rf / XL , M+S 4968814720094 D B 69dB/A Link
2040 275/40R20 106V F1974 Rf / XL , M+S 4968814749972 D B 71dB/B Link
2045 245/45R20 99V F1975 M+S 4968814749989 D C 71dB/B Link
2045 255/45R20 105V F0390 Rf / XL , M+S 4968814720100 D B 69dB/A Link
2045 275/45R20 110V F0391 Rf / XL , M+S 4968814720117 D B 71dB/B Link
2045 295/45R20 114V F0392XL , M+S 4968814720124 D B 74dB/B Link
2050 255/50R20 109V R6225XL , M+S 4968814999544 D B 72dB/B Link
2050 265/50R20 111V F0393 Rf / XL , M+S 4968814720131 D B 72dB/B Link
2050 285/50R20 112V F0394 M+S 4968814720148 D B 74dB/B Link
2230 285/30R22 101V F1978XL , M+S 4968814750015 D B 74dB/B Link
2235 285/35R22 106V F0384XL , M+S 4968814720049 D B 74dB/B Link
2240 265/40R22 106V F0385 Rf / XL , M+S 4968814720056 D B 69dB/A Link
2240 285/40R22 110V F1973XL , M+S 4968814749965 D B 74dB/B Link
2240 305/40R22 114V F0386XL , M+S 4968814720063 D B 74dB/B Link
2245 285/45R22 114V F0387XL , M+S 4968814720070 D B 74dB/B Link
2245 305/45R22 118V F0388 Rf / XL 4968814720087 D B 74dB/B not applicable
2245 305/45R22 118V R6223XL , M+S 4968814999520 D B 74dB/B Link
2250 325/50R22 116V F1167 Rf / XL 4968814999537 E B not applicable not applicable
2250 325/50R22 116V R6224XL , M+S 4968814999537 D B 72dB/A Link
2335 285/35R23 107V F0379XL , M+S 4968814719999 D B 74dB/B Link
2340 285/40R23 111V F0380 M+S 4968814720001 D B 74dB/B Link
2435 295/35R24 110V F0375XL , M+S 4968814719951 D B 74dB/B Link
2435 305/35R24 112V F0376XL , M+S 4968814719968 D B 74dB/B Link
2435 315/35R24 114V F0377XL , M+S 4968814719975 D B 74dB/B Link
2440 285/40R24 112V F1165XL , M+S 4968814738310 D B 74dB/B Link