ADVAN Sport V107

Extremely sporty performance with premium comfort and design

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  • Ultra-high-performance Sedans & Coupés, EVs and SUVs


  • YOKOHAMA´s new flagship tyre will be launched on 24th February 2022 at 12:00hrs! Keep watching this space:
  • Excellent dry grip and impressive wet braking performance
  • Ensuring high levels of reactivity, providing precise steering with driving stability when cornering, even at high speed
  • Premium touch, stylish dark design effect on the sidewall


  • Exclusive new Tread Pattern
  • Improved Mound Profile
  • Matrix Body Ply Structure - high-rigidity rayon carcass material
  • Special new Compound - Ultra Micro Silica + Silica dispersed material

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Fuel Efficiency A - D
Wet Grip A - B
External Noise Class A - B
External Noise Value (dB) 68 - 73

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ADVAN Sport V107

Tread Pattern


1. Improved Mound Profile: Optimises cross-sectional shape to ensure uniform ground contact pressure. Enhances stability at high speeds.


2. New shape of silent sipes: Thin slits positioned on the inside of the ribs suppress external vehicle noise.


3. Variable width circumferential grooves (wider 3+1 main grooves): Exceptional hydroplaning resistance at high speeds.


4. High-rigidity wide shoulder: Improves pattern rigidity at ultra-high speeds, realises powerful grip on dry.


The new V107 structure


New structure equipped with proprietary united belt cover


1. High rigidity steel belts: Steel belts prevent the carcass from turning up at high speeds and improve stability


2. Matrix body-ply: It offers improved circumferential rigidity for optimum steering stability.


3. Rayon body-ply: The high-spec rayon within the body meets the demands of European car manufacturers for original equipment tyres.


4. United belt cover: Highly rigid aramid fiber is used for the first time for a Yokohama replacement tyre. It improves steering stability on dry roads.


Improved Mound Profile brings High-Speed Stability


The Mound Profile optimizes cross-sectional shape to ensure uniform contact pressure. It enhances stability at high speeds.


Graphic: Before contact with road surface


Conventional tyre (V105S): Includes slight "R-shape" on each block. Optimised "R-shape" from shoulder to centre in each area.


New ADVAN Sport V107: More rounded "R-shape" on each block.


Improved Mound Profile, after contact with road surface


Above graphic: Conventional tyre (V105S)


ADVAN Sport V107: More optimal ground contact pressure.


In order for the ground contact pressure to be proportionate when making contact with the road surface, the cross-sectional shape of the tread was optimized.


Expanded Road Contact Area


In order to provide stronger grip performance, the contact shape of the tyre is square, which increases road contact area. This is largely achieved by both the block area and groove area.


Footprint of ADVAN Sport V107



Comparison: Footprint of a Conventional YOKOHAMA tyre


Matrix body ply structure


Steering precision without compromising comfort. Contributes to performance on DRY, conveying power to the road´s surface.


High rigidity rayon carcass material: Reduces energy loss, contributes to fuel efficiency. Reduces deformation, contributes to greater operability.


Special new compound


Enhances grip performance through Ultra Microsilica + Silica dispersed material. 1. Functionalised polymer + high strength polymer: Highly-strengthened and highly dispersive new blended polymer achieves to improve dry and wet performance. 2. New silane coupling agent: Adopting new silane coupling agent, finely-balanced silica improves wet grip.


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Fuel Efficiency A - D
Wet Grip A - B
External Noise Class A - B
External Noise Value (dB) 68 - 73

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ADVAN Sport V107

InchSeriesSizeArt.NoteOE InfoEAN/JANfuel iconwet iconnoise iconsnow iconice iconEU LABEL GRADE
1835 255/35ZR18 94Y R7576 Rf / XL 4548515027588 D A 73dB/B Link
1840 225/40ZR18 92Y R7575 Rf / XL 4548515027571 D A 71dB/B Link
1840 235/40ZR18 (95Y) R7574XL4548515027564 D A 71dB/B Link
1840 245/40ZR18 (97Y) R7560 Rf / XL 4548515027427 D A 71dB/B Link
1840 255/40ZR18 (99Y) R7594 Rf / XL 4548515027762 D A 73dB/B Link
1840 275/40ZR18 (103Y) R7595 Rf / XL 4548515027779 D A 73dB/B TBA
1840 275/40ZR18 (103Y) R5531 Rf / XL , V107E BMW 3(G80)/M4(G82,G83):Front 4968814986551 D A 71dB/B Link
1845 245/45ZR18 100Y R7565 Rf / XL 4548515027472 D A 71dB/B Link
1845 225/45ZR18 95Y R7551XL4548515027335 D A 71dB/B Link
1860 225/60R18 104W R3608XL , V107D BMW X3 (G01), X4 (G02) 4968814945299 A A 72dB/B Link
1930 285/30ZR19 (98Y) R7549XL4548515027311 D A 73dB/B Link
1935 225/35ZR19 (88Y) R7558 Rf / XL 4548515027403 D A 71dB/B Link
1935 235/35ZR19 (91Y) R7559 Rf / XL 4548515027410 D A 71dB/B Link
1935 245/35ZR19 (93Y) R7557 Rf / XL 4548515027397 D A 71dB/B Link
1935 255/35ZR19 (96Y) R7544XL4548515027267 D A 73dB/B Link
1935 265/35ZR19 (98Y) R7586 Rf / XL 4548515027687 D A 73dB/B Link
1935 275/35ZR19 (100Y) R7546XL4548515027281 D A 73dB/B Link
1935 285/35ZR19 (103Y) R5611 V107E BMW M3(G80)/M4(G82,G83):Rear 4968814987626 C A 71dB/A Link
1940 225/40ZR19 (93Y) R7584 Rf / XL 4548515027663 D A 71dB/B TBA
1940 235/40ZR19 (92Y) R7552 V107A D A 71dB/B Link
1940 255/40ZR19 (100Y) R7564XL4548515027465 D A 73dB/B Link
1940 265/40ZR19 (102Y) R7587 Rf / XL 4548515027694 D A 73dB/B Link
1940 275/40ZR19 (105Y) R7562 Rf / XL 4548515027441 D A 73dB/B Link
1945 245/45ZR19 (102Y) R7563 Rf / XL 4548515027458 D A 71dB/B Link
1950 235/50ZR19 99Y R4670 V107F Mercedes-AMG GLA 4968814967154 C A 70dB/B Link
1950 245/50R19 105Y R5850 Rf / XL , V107E 4968814991715 A B 70dB/B Link
1950 245/50R19 105W R5026 Rf / XL , V107E BMW iX3:All Axle 4968814974282 A B 69dB/A Link
1950 255/50R19 107Y R7566 Rf / XL 4548515027489 D A 73dB/B Link
1955 235/55R19 105Y R7553 Rf / XL 4548515027359 D A 71dB/B Link
1955 255/55R19 111Y R7567XL4548515027496 D A 73dB/B Link
2030 255/30ZR20 (92Y) R7570 Rf / XL 4548515027526 D A 73dB/B Link
2030 265/30ZR20 (94Y) R7573 Rf / XL 4548515027557 D A 73dB/B Link
2030 275/30ZR20 (97Y) R7556 Rf / XL 4548515027380 D A 73dB/B TBA
2030 285/30ZR20 (99Y) R7537 Rf / XL , V107E 4548515027182 D A 72dB/A Link
2030 295/30ZR20 (101Y) R7577 Rf / XL 4548515027595 D A 73dB/B Link
2030 305/30ZR20 (103Y) R7578 Rf / XL 4548515027601 D A 73dB/B TBA
2035 225/35ZR20 (90Y) R7571 Rf / XL 4548515027533 D A 71dB/B Link
2035 235/35ZR20 (92Y) R7572 Rf / XL 4548515027540 D A 71dB/B Link
2035 245/35ZR20 (91Y) R7548 V107A 4548515027304 D A 71dB/B Link
2035 255/35ZR20 (97Y) R7581 Rf / XL 4548515027632 D A 73dB/B Link
2035 275/35ZR20 (102Y) R7583XL4548515027656 D A 73dB/B Link
2035 285/35ZR20 (104Y) R7588 Rf / XL 4548515027700 D A 73dB/B Link
2035 295/35ZR20 105Y R7976 Rf / XL , V107A 4548515039642 D A 71dB/A Link
2035 295/35ZR20 (101Y) R7555 V107A 4548515027373 D A 71dB/A Link
2035 315/35ZR20 (110Y) R7970 Rf / XL , V107D 4548515039581 C A 72dB/A Link
2040 245/40ZR20 (99Y) R7582 Rf / XL 4548515027649 D A 71dB/B Link
2040 255/40ZR20 101Y R7975 Rf / XL , V107A 4548515039635 D A 71dB/B Link
2040 275/40ZR20 (106Y) R7969 Rf / XL , V107D 4548515039574 C A 72dB/B Link
2040 275/40R20 106W R4962 Rf / XL , V107E BMW iX3:Rear 4968814971847 A B 69dB/A Link
2045 245/45R20 103Y R7973 Rf / XL , V107A 4548515039611 D A 71dB/B TBA
2045 245/45R20 103W R4961 Rf / XL , V107E BMW iX3:All Axel, Front 4968814971830 A B 68dB/A Link
2045 275/45R20 110Y R7569 Rf / XL 4548515027519 D A 73dB/B Link
2050 255/50R20 109Y R7545XL4548515027274 D A 73dB/B Link
2050 275/50ZR20 113Y R5045XL , V107D Mercedes-AMG GLE 53(BR167) 4968814975685 C A 72dB/B Link
2055 255/55R20 110Y R7568 Rf / XL 4548515027502 D A 73dB/B Link
2125 295/25ZR21 (96Y) R6239 Rf / XL , V107E 4968814999896 D A 70dB/A Link
2130 305/30ZR21 (104Y) R7547XL , V107B 4548515027298 D A 71dB/A Link
2130 315/30ZR21 (105Y) R7972 Rf / XL , V107D 4548515039604 C A 72dB/A Link
2135 255/35ZR21 98Y R4671 Rf / XL , V107F Mercedes-AMG GLA, GLB 4968814967161 D A 70dB/A Link
2135 275/35ZR21 (103Y) R7971 Rf / XL , V107D 4548515039598 C A 72dB/B Link
2135 285/35ZR21 (105Y) R7580 Rf / XL 4548515027625 D A 73dB/B Link
2135 295/35ZR21 (107Y) R7561 Rf / XL 4548515027434 D A 73dB/B Link
2135 315/35R21 111Y R5272XL , V107E BMW X5MPA(G05), Silent Foam 4968814982263 C A 70dB/A Link
2140 255/40ZR21 (102Y) R75794548515027618 D A 73dB/B TBA
2140 265/40ZR21 (105Y) R75934548515027755 D A 73dB/B TBA
2140 275/40R21 107Y R5271XL , V107E BMW X5MPA(G05), Silent Foam 4968814982256 D A 69dB/A Link
2230 315/30ZR22 (107Y) R7554XL4548515027366 D A 73dB/B Link
2235 275/35ZR22 (104Y) R7590 Rf / XL 4548515027724 D A 73dB/B Link
2235 275/35R22 104Y R6799 Rf / XL , V107C MO1 Mercedes-AMG EQS, Silent Foam 4548515009867 C A 72dB/B Link
2235 295/35R22 108Y R7589 Rf / XL 4548515027717 D A 73dB/B Link
2235 315/35ZR22 (111Y) R6790 Rf / XL , V107D Porsche Cayenne (E3): rear 4548515009836 C A 72dB/A TBA
2235 325/35ZR22 114Y R4308XL , V107D Mercedes-AMG GLE 53(BR167), Rear 4968814956363 C A 72dB/A Link
2240 285/40ZR22 (110Y) R6789 Rf / XL , V107D Porsche Cayenne (E3): front 4548515009829 C B 69dB/A TBA
2240 285/40ZR22 110Y R4183XL , V107C Mercedes-AMG GLE 53(BR167), Front 4968814954758 C A 71dB/A Link
2240 325/40ZR22 114Y R4230 V107D Mercedes-AMG GLS 63(BR167), Rear 4968814955403 C A 72dB/B Link
2245 285/45ZR22 114Y R4182XL , V107C Mercedes-AMG GLS 63(BR167), Front 4968814954727 C A 71dB/A Link
2335 305/35R23 111Y R7550XL4548515027328 D A 73dB/B Link