YOKOHAMA Holds 10th Panel Discussion on Biodiversity

YOKOHAMA announced today that on 14th March 2024 it held its 10th Panel Discussion on Biodiversity as an online event. Panelist Mr. Tokutaro Nakai, former Vice-Minister of the Environment and Executive Advisor to Nippon Steel Corporation, and moderator Dr. Tetsuya Kitazawa, Director of Ecology Path Inc. and Lecturer at Edogawa University, actively exchanged views with YOKOHAMA employees.

YOKOHAMA has been holding its Panel Discussion on Biodiversity since 2014 as an opportunity for YOKOHAMA employees to discuss the importance of conserving biodiversity with representatives from local governments, educational institutions, NPOs, and other organizations. Reflecting major recent changes in trends related to biodiversity both inside and outside of YOKOHAMA, including the final recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) released in September 2023 and YOKOHAMA’s revision of its Biodiversity Guideline in December, the theme of this year’s panel discussion was “Working Together to Achieve New Global Goals.” In addition to introducing YOKOHAMA’s efforts to promote nature positive*, including an overview of its recently revised Biodiversity Guideline and various activities at the Company’s plants in Japan, this year’s event included a keynote speech by Mr. Nakai and a discussion that deepened participants’ understanding of the significance of contributing to global goals and frameworks and the importance of activities conducted together with local communities.

As part of its efforts to achieve a nature positive world, YOKOHAMA has been participating in Japan’s 30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity and the TNFD Forum since January 2023. YOKOHAMA initiatives to conserve biodiversity in the value chain include activities at its sites around the world, such as YOKOHAMA Forever Forest tree-planting events, activities to monitor and conserve water quality and flora and fauna, and awareness-raising activities for local residents. The Company is also promoting agroforestry at natural rubber farms.

Under the slogan for sustainability management “Caring for the Future,” YOKOHAMA is creating shared value by addressing social issues through its business activities.

*A philosophy that promotes halting the loss of biodiversity and putting it on a recovery track

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